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Mai Ram Art 

Man and the universe are the unity.

Guru Mai Ram 

About the Author Mai Ram

Mai Ram was born in Vilnius in 1969. She studied Chemistry at Vilnius University, after starting a family and giving birth to her first daughter, Mai Ram started practising yoga intensively, while at that time yoga was not yet popular in Lithuania. A desire to find out how thinking, behaviour and body function together inspired her to enrol into Bachelor studies in Psychology in Moscow. There she gained comprehensive knowledge in anatomy, physiology, psyche, anthropology and various branches of psychology. She had been raising existential questions since childhood, was consistently striving for spiritual knowledge and showed interest in philosophy, psychology and various art practices.

Mai Ram draws on and learns the expression and experience of contemporary art from the artists: Gintautas Šiupšinskas, Gintarė Valevičiūtė-Brazauskienė, and Aušra Kleizaitė.

Mai Ram Yoga Ashram Varanasi KIEMELIS.jpg

The purpose
of Mai Ram Art Gallery

By purchasing works of Mai Ram Art Gallery, You are helping to build the Mai Ram Yoga ashram in India, Varanasi, a sacred city of Shiva, on the banks of Ganges river.

Varanasi is the most majestic tirtha for me. In Sanskrit, tirtha means a holy place, where divine power manifests. In this place, disciple finds a Teacher. In this place, after immersing into holy waters and performing worship as well as sacrificial rituals, the mind is cleansed and the knowing of existence manifests.

Guru Mai Ram 

Mai Ram, the Beginning

Mai Ram chose the philosophy of yoga and became a successor of classical yoga teaching, a yoga teacher. For many years, Mai Ram has devoted all her creative energy to fulfilling the purpose of her life. Mai Ram’s creations are materialised in various forms, all her ideas and works are united by one goal – the unity of consciousness and matter. Through her creative activities, Mai Ram conveys the philosophy of the unity between consciousness and matter, revealing the power of the Creator manifested in a human being. All the creative forms, shapes, used by Mai Ram in her works, reflect the infinity of human being’s creative potential.

Mai Ram Devi Mulabanhasana .tif
Mai Ram yoga 5.PNG

Mai Ram Yoga

Mai Ram adapted classical yoga teaching to a present–day human and created the Mai Ram Yoga teaching system. Mai Ram is the founder of international association Mai Ram International Yoga Association in Lithuania and Mai Ram Yoga International Institute in India.


In 2007, Mai Ram established Mai Ram Yoga School in Vilnius, Lithuania.

In 2019, she established Mai Ram Yoga Ashram in Varanasi, India, and Mai Ram Yoga School in Banská Bystrica, Slovakia, and Mai Ram Yoga Retreat Centre in Valencia, Spain.

In 2020, by combining classical yoga practices and scientific knowledge and research, Mai Ram developed a 3Q health education methodology for children.

Other activities

For a decade, Mai Ram has been the author of a long-term art project in the form of annual calendars that reflect the content of yoga philosophy, practical insights, and artistic body photography. Each year, this project reveals a new aspect of the idea of the unity of a Human Being and the Creator through the expressions of sacred geometry.


A sound is another form of creation used by Mai Ram, i. e. the sacred Sanskrit chants played on Spotify and Youtube channels.

Pushpa – the Goddess of Flowers_1.jpg


  • 2012 – 2021 – Mai Ram Yoga Calendars, Art Director and Texts. Savitri Publishing House.

  • 2021 – Solo exhibition “Akasha – the Space of the Gods.” Mai Ram Art Gallery, Augustijonų Str. 2, Vilnius.


  • 2021 – “Bhagavadgita”, poetic literary translation by poet Alfonsas Bukontas, comments and illustrations by Mai Ram. Savitri Publishing House.

  • 2021 – “Mai Ram Yoga Sadhana” Calendar. Savitri Publishing House.


  • 2019 – Swatmarama’s “Hatha Yoga Pradipika”. Savitri Publishing House.

  • 2018 – “The Chant, Glorifying the Guru. Śrī Guru Gītā”. Savitri Publishing House.

  • 2016 – Patanjali’s “Yoga Sutra”. Savitri Publishing House.

Mai Ram artworks

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