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Original Painting

Size 62 x 83 cm without frame

Performance technique - Wood, author's technique, charcoal, foil.

Year of creation - 2021


Painting "Fullness"

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  • Painting “Fullness”

    Inspirational Text for Painting “Fullness”by Author Mai Ram

    I am illuminated by the moon. The night andburning bonfires. I clearly realize that themore you understand the realness of death,the more urgently you manage to startliving, feeling the fragility of life and youseek the connection to Him. Afterall, it’sonly when you forget everything else, youcan remember Him.

    Painting “Fullness” from Cycle of Artworks “Purnima - Full Moon”

    These artworks invite the spectators to experience the author Mai Ram’s creative expressions that shape the sacredness of space, and to immerse oneself in a particular state of mind that leads into the mysterious world of the gods and goddesses. In Mai Ram’s canvases and drawings, the divine forms manifest themselves as a result of many years of meditative practice.