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Available in 3 sizes (w x h):

35 x 45 cm / 13.8 x 17.7 in

50 x 65 cm / 19.7 x 25.6 in

70 x 90 cm / 27.6 x 35.4 in



Paper - high quality photo paper.

Canvas without subframe -  natural canvas, print, protective varnish.

Canvas with subframe - natural canvas, print, protective varnish, local wood subframe.


Every order is custom made just for you.


Every order supports the construction of Mai Ram Yoga Ashram in Varanasi (India), more information about the purpose of Mai Ram Art Gallery.  

Photo Print "Guru Mai Ram - Varanasi"

PriceFrom €40.00
  • Photo Print “Guru Mai Ram - Varanasi” from Cycle of Photo Art “Body as a Temple”


    Song Glorifying Guru from The Guru Gita sacred scripture, 67th verse:
    "Glory to the Holy Guru, whose true essence is the essence of the world, and His light illuminates this world, and His joy makes people joyous."

    A Yogi, having perceived the consistency of time and his connection with Nature, becomes free from matter and its qualities. In the highest samadhi, He is "crowned" with Wisdom and He exists in the eternal "now", in the state of divinity.

    In the Supreme Samadhi, the goals of yogi's life are attained. He has become the Yogi, the one who has done what he had to do, has perceived that the only purpose of life is to turn God into reality, and thus has liberated himself. He got to know his true freedom and is in a state of bliss, in his perfect being. This is the unity with the Absolute, the True Freedom.


    Body of Guru is a Sacred form. 

    Guru Mai Ram in a sacred city Varanasi in India.

    Guru Mai Ram: “Varanasi is the most majestic tirtha for me. In Sanskrit, tirtha means a holy place, where divine power manifests. In this place, disciple finds a Teacher. In this place, after immersing into holy waters and performing worship as well as sacrificial rituals, the mind is cleansed and the knowing of existence manifests.” 


    Mai Ram Yoga ashram in Varanasi is the place where the classical yogic teaching will be continued. Ashram is located on the banks of the Ganges River, at the Brahma ghat.


    Lord Shiva is the ruler and originator of yoga, the first yoga Guru, the one who announced the teaching of yoga. Varanasi is Shiva’s abode, so everyone who is seeking unity, can join and support the continuing tradition of ancient yogis. People from all over the world will be able to come to the ashram and pursue spiritual virtues, meditate, as well as learn classical yoga there.


    Varanasi is a sacred city, which has maintained its ancient traditions. It is believed that Lord Shiva established Varanasi on our earth as a manifestation of deep and difficult to comprehend spiritual matters in material world. This city through all means is trying to reveal the Great Knowing, if you are ready for it…


    Every order supports construction of Mai Ram Yoga Ashram in Varanasi (India)

    By acquiring one of these exclusive Signature Edition Art Prints, you become an integral part of this noble endeavor, fostering positive change and contributing to the creation of a spiritual sanctuary. More information about the purpose of Mai Ram Art Gallery.  

  • Photo prints on photographic paper (210gsm) or natural canvas, without a subframe, are sent rolled up and posted in a tube.

    Photo prints on canvas with a wooden subframe are sent in a cardboard boxes.


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