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Available in 1 size (w x h):

20 x 30 cm / 7.9 x 11.8 in



Canvas with subframe - natural canvas, print, protective varnish, local wood subframe.


Every order is custom made just for you.


Every order supports the construction of Mai Ram Yoga Ashram in Varanasi (India), more information about the purpose of Mai Ram Art Gallery.  

Signature Edition Art Print "Goddess Kali - Black Goddess"

  • Introducing Signature Edition Art Prints 

    We are delighted to present our exceptionally curated Signature Edition art prints. This extraordinary collection has been hand-picked to offer art enthusiasts a truly unique and exclusive experience.


    The Signature Edition art prints bear not only the hallmark of spiritual art excellence but also the distinctive signature of the creator, Mai Ram.


    While each art piece within our collection is a testament to authenticity, spirituality, and creativity, the Signature Edition art prints carries an aura of particular reverence. It stands as a remarkable embodiment of artistic brilliance, capturing the essence of the creator's Mai Ram vision with a personal touch that elevates it to a higher echelon.


    Every order supports construction of Mai Ram Yoga Ashram in Varanasi (India)

    By acquiring one of these exclusive Signature Edition Art Prints, you become an integral part of this noble endeavor, fostering positive change and contributing to the creation of a spiritual sanctuary. More information about the purpose of Mai Ram Art Gallery.  


    Art Print “Goddess Kali - Black Goddess” from Cycle of Artworks “Mahavidya”

    Inspirational text for artwork "Goddess Kali - Black Goddess” by author Mai Ram 

    O Great Goddess Kali, I praise Your nakedness, which is enlightened consciousness. You are free from name and form. I praise the cremation ground where You stand, the place where all forms dissolve. I carry Your image within me, which burns away all limitations and ignorance with the fire of cremation. The cremation fire smoldering in my heart is the fire of liberating knowledge that You give me. You are without attributes, neither masculine nor feminine. Shiva says that You have swallowed time and that You are the only one who remains after the end of the universe. You are death itself. In union with Lord Shiva You create and destroy the world. You dispel fears and grant the bliss of liberation. You are the only ultimate reality. You are enlightenment. Your protruding tongue and dreadful appearance are repulsive to our ordinary senses. After all, we reject everything that is disgusting, ugly and horrible. With our limited minds, we categorize everything for our selfish, egotistical understanding of how the world should be. Goddess, you destroy our attitudes and fears with your harsh form so that we can open the oneness that lies within. 

    I worship Your loose hair, which reflects Your freedom and dissolution. I bow down to Lord Shiva who prostrated before You to stop You from destroying the world and restore the destroyed part of it. So You stuck out Your tongue and brought back from Yourself the destroyed part of the world, glory to You Mighty One!

    By worshiping Your fierceful form I transcend death. I meditate on Your right hand which bestows blessings and is Your creative power. I meditate on Your left hand, which is Your destructive and transforming power. I meditate on Your three eyes, which are sun, moon and fire, through which You observe the three times: past, present, future. Your bloody sword cuts through the shackles of my ignorance and opens the gate to freedom. With Your sword You cut the bonds that bind me to rebirths. I meditate on Your black body, in which all other colors dissolve and I realize the complete absence of color. This means that You, Goddess Kali, are of nirguna nature beyond attributes. You are the disappearance of the transcendental form. I meditate on Your nakedness and realize Your freedom from name and form. You are enlightenment. You stand on Shiva and bless. You are the ultimate reality.

    I meditate on Your necklace of severed heads, with which You are adorned, these are Sanskrit sounds, and You are the Shabda Brahman, the fundamental essence of reality, embodied in the primordial sounds and the sound OM. The whole creation manifests itself from bijas, the seeds of various sounds, and You are its strength. I meditate on Your belt of severed hands and realize that You free me from the bonds of karma because hands are a symbol of my actions. You are the ultimate spiritual realization.

    Your sacred thread is a snake, You are surrounded by snakes. You are cosmic supremacy. Snakes are symbols of wisdom and transformation, as they can shed their skin and become a new being. They can penetrate the earth and can live on the surface of the earth, so they are symbols of the worlds of the living and the dead. The snakes show me Your transformative nature.

    I meditate on Your skull cup, from which You drunkenly drink wine or blood, it frees my consciousness from limitations. You are the ultimate knowledge, wisdom and enlightenment. Death is the greatest transformation a person experiences. Images of death, corpses, severed hands, heads show that You, Goddess Kali, are the guide leading to the highest state. You are the Ruler of change and transformation, You are the Supreme Truth.

    You reveal yourself only to the devoted and spiritually sensitive, and others simply fear You. Glory to You, Supreme One!

    Art Print “Goddess Kali - Black Goddess” from Cycle of Artworks “Mahavidya”
    Mahavidyas represent transcendental knowledge and powers. The ten Mahavidyas are the ten degrees of transcendental cognition. They are the sources of all that is to be known. Mahadevi, the great Goddess, also called Maya, causes captivity, leads astray in ignorance, this is called avidya. But it is also liberating. The ten Mahavidyas are the ten forms in which the Goddess brings enlightenment and liberating knowledge called vidya.

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